Consultations typically last for 1.5 -2 hrs. We can do In Home or Video consultations. We provide a detailed 19-page consultation report that covers each space in the home like the bedrooms, living area, kitchen, bathrooms etc. This includes pictures and step by step guidelines. Some clients choose to use this report to do a complete DIY transformation of their home. For others, we ask them to do the steps needed to prep their home so that we can complete the occupied staging for you.


We are the experts in occupied Home Staging. An occupied staging is when the homeowners are living in the house while on the market. Our Staging Strategy is based on the three R’s Reduce-Reuse-Redesign to transform the space in the most time efficient and budget friendly manner.

    • Reduce– We help homeowners identify and edit all the items that need to be put away during the home selling process. This helps to create a space that is easy for the buyers to envision.
    • Reuse- Upon a complete walk through/review of the home, we will select pieces in the house that can be reused or rearranged elsewhere in the house. In addition, we will add key accessories that will match the existing decor of the house. This Hybrid approach is budget friendly and looks more authentic.
    • Redesign- Lastly we apply the design principles of Balance, flow and function to each space. Focal points and selling features are identified to be showcased in each room. By researching location demographics and buyer psychology we recreate a cohesive space that the buyers will fall in love with!!!


For our special clients who love our staging work and would love to transform their new home, we are thrilled to offer design consults/services .